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Membership Application

Membership Application Process

  1. Please refer all membership enquiries to Golf Director / Golf Coordinator to promote / explain the membership options to homeowners, existing members and potential new external members. Completed Application forms in full including:
    1. Applicant – current / new Member
    2. Proposers – two (2) members signing the application in support
  1. Completed Application form circulated electronically to all Committee Members for comments and/or approval within 48 hours
  1. Captain/Vice Captain and/or Ladies Captain will interview the applicant (could be done telephonically), field questions etc and sign off.
  1. Once approved by Committee, the Golf Director will sign off and forward to administration department for processing and invoicing/payment of the applicable Membership fee
  1. On completion of process, new Members will be invited to the next Wednesday Competition to play with available Committee Member(s) and will then be introduced and welcomed at the Prize giving function.

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