Mossel Bay, South Africa (July 2016) – Pinnacle Point Golf Course is undoubtedly every golfer’s dream with dramatic views and breath-taking terrain. What a wonderful accolade then for this prestigious estate to receive a golden award from an independent regional survey that was recently conducted in the Southern Cape by PMR Africa. The mission of PMR Africa is to enhance global competitiveness for companies and institutions.
General Manager of Pinnacle Point Home Owners Association, Carl van der Linde, received the award on behalf of Pinnacle Point in George. He reports that the purpose of the survey is to profile the Southern Cape region as a growth point and potential investment area for foreign and local developers and investors; to measure companies, institutions, government entities and individuals on their contribution to the economic growth and development of the region, levels of managerial expertise and implementation of corporate governance; to measure companies, institutions and government entities’ competencies; to measure brand awareness and to measure levels of innovation. The ratings are based on the perceptions of 90 respondents comprising of CEO’s, MD’s, Business Owners and Senior Level Government Officials.
This golden award could not have been awarded at a more appropriated time…Pinnacle Point Golf Course is celebrating its 10th birthday since its inception and is undoubtedly the stuff all golfers’ dreams are made of. What makes Pinnacle Point even more extraordinary is that it is classified as a Provincial Heritage Site and is also listed with UNESCO for nomination as a World Heritage Site because it is the place that revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour.

For more information on Pinnacle Point please call Carl van der Linde on 044 606 5300 or email