Pinnacle Point hosted a wonderful English High Tea in aid of Leolan Academy and Autism Awareness Month. The tickets for this event were sold out within a few days and every seat was taken. Dressing up to the nines was the order of the day as befits tradition, and Pinnacle Point looked like the famous Ascot Ladies Day with the variety of magnificent hats and outfits on display. The Pinnacle Point Lounge was decorated in keeping with the tradition of an English parlour with many Victorian and older pictures, tea wares and accompaniments.

Monica Steyn, a resident and keen supporter of this High Tea at Pinnacle commented: “Everyone was in high spirits as we arrived and it was fantastic to see so many enjoying this event all in their finery”.

The event commenced with an informative and interesting talk by James Roberts Julyan, better known locally as Jim, on the history and origins of the English High Tea as well as the etiquette and protocol associated with it. We, it is widely accepted, can thank Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford for introducing the afternoon tea way back in the 19th century and to Queen Catherine for making the drinking of tea itself so popular way back in the 17th century. Tea, we learnt, became so popular amongst the aristocracy that it became the beverage of choice in English High Society replacing ale as the national drink! Jim’s talk also covered the etiquette associated with partaking of this type of dining and much fun was had with the ‘pinkie up’, how to serve tea, and how to use your teaspoon.

With the variety of teas available and the delicious food prepared by Chef Louise, a treat was definitely in store. The dainty finger sandwiches and the incredible cakes and scones were all part of this centuries old tradition. Elke Julyan, the hostess of the event commented: “It was the finest spread and was as good if not even better than such famous places as the Ritz in London.”

As the food was being consumed with gusto, Diane Hobbs gave a heartfelt talk on autism awareness that touched everyone’s heart. Diane shared her experience as a mother with her son being diagnosed with a form of autism which really did help raise awareness and pull at our heartstrings.

Jim thanked Diane and then asked the audience if they would like another English High tea at Pinnacle. As one voice everyone cried out “yes”, so David Dix, the Food and Beverage Manager was put on the spot and graciously agreed to host another English High Tea and to make it a regular feature at Pinnacle Point.

The afternoon was rounded off with Elke Julyan, who along with the Pinnacle Point Social Committee, organised the whole affair, thanking everyone for sharing the experience and for their kind donations.

The Pinnacle Point English High Tea was an outstanding success!