Do not be alarmed by the yellow patches that will start appearing on the golf course. We are busy with our Kikuyu eradication program and many areas of the rough have been treated this week. Certain spots on the fairways have also been identified to be treated. Whilst this may not be visually appealing, it is an essential part of our on-going maintenance program.
The Practice Green, located by the clubhouse, will be closed for approx. 3 weeks, starting from tomorrow Thursday 12th February, due to some urgently required maintenance. The green will be verti-cut, hollow-tined, top-dressed and inter-seeded, restoring it to its proper condition.

The current greens speed is running a little slower due to the high volume of golfers we are experiencing, together with the high temperatures, wind and lack of rain. To avoid putting the greens under undue stress, the greens have not been verti-cut or top-dressed for some time. This week we have also fertilised all greens, meaning faster growth. Assuming more favourable conditions next week, we will be re-commencing with this grooming practice, getting the greens back running at 9.5 on the Stimp.