Pinnacle Cup

The 3rd Annual Pinnacle Cup was played out at Pinnacle Point this last weekend. Two teams representing South Africa and Europe compete for a floating trophy on an annual basis and is played in a Ryder Cup format. The Saturday morning Foursomes saw the SA team take a...

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How Does COR Affect Your Golf Game

Companies, organizations and industries love to use acronyms because these abbreviations of longer terms can so easily roll off the tongue.  One that has been a buzz-acronym in the golf equipment industry since 1998 is COR – short for Coefficient of Restitution....

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Playing with equipment that fits you

Playing equipment fit to you leads to more fun-and lower scores. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be custom-fit for a new golf ball. It's fast and easy to do. Here are tips to maximize your experience. Begin with understanding your greenside control...

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